Nikon AX-2S Automatic Level is an economically and surprisingly compact, light design.

The AX-2S for construction use, is highly affordable, highly accurate, and capable of withstanding severe conditions, including rain, extreme temperatures, dust, and vibration. Featuring magnetic-dampened compensators and rugged metal housing as well as built-in bubble mirrors and sighting lines, these auto-levels are exceptionally easy to set up and use in any environment. They are ideal for a variety of construction and surveying applications, including job site levelling, cut and fill measurement, surveying and checking.


  •     Magnification: 20 x
  •     Accuracy: + 2.5 mm
  •     Aperture: 30 mm
  •     Shortest focus: 0.75 m
  •     Compensator: Magnetic dampened
  •     Built-in Bubble Mirror - easy to see and level regardless of auto-level position.
  •     Plastic/Rubber Controls 5 6 - Easier control in wet or cold conditions
  •     Built-in Angle Circle - Turn angles, check basic alignments with no additional equipment.
  •     Built-in Sighting Lines - Quick alignment to the grade rod.
  •     Continuous Slow - Motion Screws More precise alignment.
  •     Base Plate: Compatible with all tripods, including dome or flat-headed.

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