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  • GOWIN TKS-202


Based on rich surveying experience, Topcon (Beijing) Technologies Co. Ltd brings you "GOWIN", the trusted surveying brand which specializes in precision total station.

"GOWIN" represent our commitment and consistency to deliver to you the highest precision level and surveying standards through our expertise. Custom-made to suit the human contour, Gowin Total Station is the key to demanding fields job as they are ruggedly built to withstand harsh working conditions.

Specifications :


  • Length 150 Millimeters
  • Objective Lens Diameter 45mm (EDM:50mm)
  • Magnification 30x
  • Image Erect
  • Field of View 1°30
  • Resolve Power 3 "
  • Min. Focus Distance 1.3 meters

Measurement Range

  • 1 Prism 6500 ft, 2000 meters
  • 3 Prism 8800 ft, 2700 meters

Measuring Accuracy

  • Prism Mode ±(2mm + 2ppm x D)m.s.e. fine, N/A

measurement time 1mm: 1.2sec. (Initial 4sec.) fine, 0.4sec. (Initial 3sec.) coarse, N/A

Angle Measurement

  • Method Absolute Reading
  • Detection 2 horizontal, 1 vertical
  • Minimum reading N/A, 1/5 mgon

Tilt Correction

  • Type Single Axis
  • Method Liquid surface reflective profile sensor reading type
  • Compensating Range ±3'
  • Correction Unit 1 arc sec, N/A


  • Display 2 screen, dot matrix graphic LCD display


  • approximate battery life 14 including distance measurement, 60 Angle measurement only

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