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Manufacturer Part# TB-CR1-120M

Spectrum ThunderBolt TB-CR1 PRO Lightning Detector Personal Unit- CRIMSON

The ThunderBolt storm and lightning detection system uses several warning and message screens. The display continually provides updated information about detected storm and lightning activity (range, approach speed, estimated time of arrival, and severity) as well as communicating status of the ThunderBolt itself (low-battery warning, tone on/off). Because the on-board computer controls all functions, all you have to do is turn the ThunderBolt on. It will even handle the job of turning itself off when operating on 9-volt battery power.

Includes free battery, hard carry case!

This model is being replaced with the Thunderbolt 350 PRO Series with Backlight and Additional Visual Alert linked to below in the "May We Also Suggest" section.

Features :

Storm and Lightning Detection Range - 75 Miles (100 km in metric version)
Automatically Displays:
Storm approach speed
E.T.A. at User Location
Time to Clear
Severe Storm/Squall Line Detection
Computer analysis and detection of squall lines and severe storm cells
Automatic background noise analysis and filtering
Warning modes
Text messages via 2 x 16 LCD
Red LED Warning light
Audible tone
User selectable warning modes and frequencies
Power supply: One 9V battery (50 Hours+ of operation)
120 VAC adapter (included)
Size: 6.4" x 3.4" x 1.5"; Weight: 14 oz.

Made in USA

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